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The Adventures of Hobart Filmore


By: Paula K. Martin & JP Ardee Navarro user profile
Description: Mystery Management Investigations (MMI) was founded in 1933 in New York City. During World War II its primary focus was on the military and helping the Allies win the War. Business expanded in the 1950’s, and then in the 1970’s and early 1980’s business took a dive and the company moved their headquarters to Austin, Texas where the weather was good and rents were cheaper. Hobart Filmore joined the firm in 1985 and quickly became the lead investigator. He trained the other investigative consultants in a new operating system for managing and leading organizations, one called Matrix Management 2.0™ which quickly became the company’s flagship offering. MMI has been helping organizations all over the world find solutions to seemingly intractable organizational problems that other operating systems have not been able to solve. MMI is dedicated to training organizational consultants in the methods Hobart and the other investigators use to diagnose and resolve issues that other systems have failed to solve. MMI also offers training to all levels in how to lead and work in a matrix.
Topics: None
Update: Monthly
Art: Vector
Style: American
Rated: G

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