About Us

My name is Loren Harris, and I like graphical novels, or comics, or the funnies, or comic strips, whatever.

I am a computer science major that started reading online comics back in 2000. I got to the point that fallowing and reading 20 comics a day was work, and I could not enjoy it as much. Now because I was going to collage and using public computers I could not just open my bookmarks, so I made a single page listing all the comics I fallowed. Then it got tiring opening all of them up all the time so I made a javascript to do it for me. then it hit me one day, maybe other people could use this to. So I used that inspiration and the fact that it was hard to find comics on topics that I liked, I created this site.

My goal for people that already read online comic's, is that you can input the ones you like to read, and we will help you keep track of updates and changes. I also want to be able to suggest new comics that you might also like to read. For people that do not read online comics. I would like to give them a nice and easy way to start and manage there comic reading needs.