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Laser Train


By: The Spaicialists
Last Published Comic: 652 Months 2 Weeks ago by 16
Description: The universe: a vast, dangerous yet wonderful place for mankind to inhabit. Travelling to another planet? No problem! Hop aboard a space train! Dave Baldwin, owner of a space train, and his (t)rusty 'crew', soar through the space, surviving at all costs while trying to make a living by transporting cargo. It's not an easy life. Due to a minor accident, they are wanted by the largest and most powerful business corporation - dead or alive. Next to that, Dave's train is lethal as well. His crew didn't volunteer either - they'd rather be somewhere else. By chance of fate, these audacious individuals suddenly find themselves in the middle of an incredible and unlikely adventure in the depths of space. This is: THE LASER TRAIN! Visit us: http://www.lasertrain.net/
Topics: Adventure, Politics, Space, Western, Mystery/Suspense, Humor, Science Fiction, Parody/Satire, Epic, Action, Crazy
Update: Weekly
Art: Pen
Style: Manga
Rated: PG

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Premiere Date of Comic: 08/26/2011
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