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The Dark Cygnet


By: Glasco Jones user profile
Last Published Comic: 113 Months 3 Weeks ago by 13
Description: After the unexpected death of her parents, Marti visits each of the properties that she is now responsible for. During a visit to a house that her parents owned in a foreign country, Marti discovers a deep, dark secret. This secret not only will turn Marti’s view of her parents all around, but will also direct her down a path that will require her to choose between right and wrong…
Topics: Fantasy, Superheroes, Spritual, Mystery/Suspense, Drama, Epic, Action
Update: Sporadic
Art: Vector
Style: American
Rated: PG-13

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Actions: Flag:Rating: 3.5, by 2 user(s)
Premiere Date of Comic: 07/20/2010
This months views: 5
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