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Flaming Fuzzy People


By: Tony user profile
Last Published Comic: 173 Months 23 Hours ago by RSS
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Description: Two seasons (both in the same comic): Season 1--A sprite comic where the author and his friends live together as roommates in a webcomic universe and cause chaos in pretty much everything they do. There is gaming humor in some of the plotlines, but overall the comic doesn't heavily rely on it. Season 2 (current season)--A pixel comic that takes place centuries after the first season. Now the author has summoned the decendents of the original cast to reform the Flaming Fuzzy People, so they can restore chaos to the world!
Topics: Games, Humor, Crazy
Update: Daily
Art: 8-Bit
Style: American
Rated: PG

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Premiere Date of Comic: 11/18/2007
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