Web Comic: Lolitups: The adventures of Magna Girl and Electro-boy

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Lolitups: The adventures of Magna Girl and Electro-boy


By: Ananaskeia
Description: In a world filled with superheroes all super villains cease to exist and earth is at peace. Superpowers are now used for social status, and to help catch the occasional wanna-be-bad guys every now and then. Being a superhero has never been so simple, easy, and safe...until a massive unknown explosion in Cryptic City brings new deadly villains known as the "Crazy 12" into earth, and destruction begins. In the midst of chaos the ultimate, weapon, Lolitups, awakens.
Topics: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Humor, Action
Update: Monthly
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: Independent
Rated: PG

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