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Autobahn - The AutoTron Project


By: Rose Chevalier user profile
Description: 2034, fifty-nine years after the war in Vietnam. The world has fallen into a sea of greed and turmoil. Domestic wars take place on every continent. Power belongs to the most aggressive or the wealthy. In America, billionaires control the government and offer post-government agencies top salary to hunt down those who threaten their reign. - Rodney Cooper, the CEO of Cooper Industries, holds deep desires of reaching the top. Though out the past fifty nine years, Rodney had succeeded many roles with assistance of (the now absent) Doctor Ryan McArthur. Rodney modified Dr. McArthur's league of high-class killing machines known as Auto-trons. Welding the power of the most lethal weapons in the world, Rodney hopes to eliminate all competition to one day control all human life across the globe. - If he can seek out and destroy the mysterious vigilante group known as the Autobahn. Chaos has struck for Rodney Cooper, AT-061 CYRUS - (The successful Auto-Tron created by Dr. Ryan McArthur) discovered the secrets behind his creation. With this information, Cyrus escaped Cooper Industries and set course to seek out his original creator. Upon merging with society, the android had befriended James Flynn, an independant agent in search of the Autobahn. Cyrus uses this friendship to advance him toward his ultimate goal... to destroy all Auto-trons and eventually himself.
Topics: None
Update: 3 times a week
Art: Pen
Style: American
Rated: PG-13

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Premiere Date of Comic: 11/01/2014
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