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I'm Famous!


By: Michael Balistreri user profile
Last Published Comic: 653 Months 2 Weeks ago by 16
Description: I'M FAMOUS! mixes the super hero genre with celebrity culture and a healthy dose of surreal black humor. Our hero(?) is the Lone Wolf, spun from the pages of the acclaimed independent comic Black Snow. The Lone Wolf is the most popular and successful hero of his age, and has recently authored his autobiography, I'M FAMOUS!. One day a man appears to the Lone Wolf with a proposition; his studio in Hollywood wants the rights to I'M FAMOUS! to make it into a blockbuster film. Though the Lone Wolf happily agrees, there is a slight problem. The problem? The Lone Wolf is utterly and terribly insane!
Topics: Superheroes, Humor, Parody/Satire, Crazy
Update: Sporadic
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: American
Rated: PG

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Premiere Date of Comic: 02/02/2010
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