Web Comic: The Shadow Beyond #3 The Koblian Temple

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The Shadow Beyond #3 The Koblian Temple


By: GLASCO JONES user profile
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Description: We continue on with Matthias being kidnapped form the Scoria Space Mine on Cartesia. It has been three years after his fathers’ death. Now that he has turned fourteen, still to young to go to the Koblian Temple and train to become a Shadow Claw, following in his father’s footsteps. The Septorians' blockaide is now facing resistance frome the Vulgarians. Until now the Vulgarians were known to be only the galaxies' trash collectors. Violating a treaty that has stood for a century, The Vulgarians refuse to stand by and do nothing. Matthias still has many questions about his destiny, but he knows that whatever it might hold, he will face it head on.
Topics: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action
Update: Sporadic
Art: Vector
Style: American
Rated: G

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