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Hanna is Not a Boy's Name


By: Tessa Stone
Last Published Comic: 164 Months 4 Weeks ago by 16
Description: it’s about Hanna, a guy who desperately wants to be a paranormal investigator but kind of sucks at it and has a handful of his own problems told by a guy who died ten years ago and seems very lukewarm about it all. That was totally a run on sentence. Mostly, this is about Hanna and his failings and (sometime) successes despite the zombie guy being the one telling the story. It is kind of a story about a person finding themselves because we all have to at one point.
Topics: Adventure, Fantasy, Life, Relationships, Horror, Spritual, Mystery/Suspense, Humor, Science Fiction, Epic, Action, Crazy
Update: Sporadic
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: Experimental
Rated: PG-13

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Premiere Date of Comic: 05/09/2009
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