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Circle Versus Square


By: Wakcher
Last Published Comic: 10 Months 4 Weeks ago by RSS (hash)
RSS Link: http://www.circleversussquare.com/../rss.xml
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Description: Circle Versus Square is a webcomic by Wakcher in which all characters are featureless geometric shapes. The titular characters, Circle and Square, constantly bicker in a never ending game of one-upsmanship. Other characters include Triangle, Heart, Rectangle and Pentagon. Circle Versus Square also has the dubious honor of being threatened with legal action by the enigmatic "Mr. Z." His letters of contempt are published for all to see.
Topics: Humor, Parody/Satire, Crazy
Update: 3 times a week
Art: 8-Bit
Style: Minimalist
Rated: PG-13

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Premiere Date of Comic: 01/16/2008
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