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Mannie Marine


By: Johannes Philipp Andre user profile
Description: Mannie Marine The Story A planet...grown into an gigantic metropolis... from a high-security governmental district to chaotic slums, there is everything you can imagine... the president, mad and living in secrecy, is the head of a sprawling governmental machinery... only with the help of his numerous special forces he is able to control his empire... here the Marines play the most important role, they are the merciless executive authority of the president and lead by a handpicked group of Mega Marines.... Mannie Marine is one of them... he is the most dangerous combatant on the whole planet , the government's secret weapon... diligently he accomplishes every command he gets... until now, Mannie does not ask questions... but now the end of the planet is near...
Topics: Superheroes, Science Fiction, Action, Crazy
Update: Weekly
Art: Digitally Colored
Style: Independent
Rated: G

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Actions: Flag:Rating: 4.3, by 4 user(s)
Premiere Date of Comic: 09/10/2010
This months views: 5
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